Keep your team updated on your customers needs
Quick and easy installation
Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce your teams workload
Table Service Made
Easy & Affordable
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Put your customers in control of the service they want when visiting you

Simplify your floor management

Know exactly what table number and what type of service they want before your team get to the table

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Prioritise the customers who need your teams attention over customers who do not need their service at that time

Reduce your teams workload

Save time and money on staff waiting around on tables who haven’t decided what they want yet and give them the tools to know exactly when they are needed.

What is table call?

Table Call is a table waiter calling system that allows your customers to request service from the waiter/waitress when they require it.

A Call button (60 x 17 mm) is installed on the tables you wish to offer table service to, the buttons are then linked to a Display Screen that is installed in your service area or to wrist watches for the waiter/waitress to wear on shift.

Call Button

Display Screen

Display Watch

How it works?

When a customer would like service they simply press the “Call” button on their table, once pressed a notification is sent to the display screen and/or wrist watches with the table number that has requested service.

During busy shifts when multiple tables require your service at once they are added to a que system to ensure all tables are seen to in the correct order

Step 1 - Customer Seated at Table

When visiting your business, customers can be informed of the order system and how it works when being seated by a member of staff or by information posters located around the business. The buttons are also clearly labelled with images for customers to understand what each button does.

Step 2 - Customer Clicks "Order" Button

When a customer is ready to order from you, they Click the “Order” button on the table.

Step 3 - Notification Sent to Display Screens / Wrist Watches

Once a call button is clicked, all Display screens and wrist watches linked to that Call Button will display a notification of which table number request service and also the type of service they would like. Bill, Order or Call

Step 4 - Waitress/Waiter Attends table to take order

The designated waiter/waiters for that table can then attended at take the customers order to be passed on to the bar or kitchen area.

Step 5 - Waitress/Waiter Brings order to the table

Once the order has been made and the waiter/waitress has taken it to the table they can continue other roles within the business. Awaiting the next notification from a table.

How can it help me?

With new COVID-19 restrictions being put in place and requiring all business to offer table service the idea of recruiting new employees is scary during these difficult times.

Using our systems would allow you to keep your current workforce but enable them to manage more tables and additional areas of the business than they could before.

You will no longer have to worry about forgotten tables in those difficult to see places and clients waiting for someone to walk past before they can be served. Increase revenue from the clients you already have in your business and make sure they always get attention when they require it

How can it help my staff?

Staff members will now know the exact moment one of their tables requires assistance, displaying the table number on the display screens & wrist watches and notifying them. This allows staff to pickup and drop other tasks when they are required by a table.

During busy periods if multiple tables call at the same time they are added to a que to ensure that all tables are dealt with in the correct order.

Starting Package



  • Our starting packages comes with 10 pre-configured Call buttons and 1 Display Screen or Wrist Watch.
  • No setup required!
  • Deploy the call buttons to your tables and power the Display Screen in your service area!
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All availible in our shop and delivered to your door from a UK based supplier


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