How it works

What is Table Call?

Table Call is is a button to buzzer call system that works by installing one of our call buttons on each of your tables in your business. It is then linked to a Notification display screen and/or wrist watches.

Call Button

Display Screen

Wrist Watch

How it works?

When a client would like your attention they can press the call button on their table, a notification is then sent to a display screen and/or wrist watch with the notification that the table would like your attention. If you are busy and have multiple tables calling you at once they are added to a que system to ensure you attend to every table in the correct order.

How can it help me?

With new COVID-19 restrictions being put in place and requiring all business to offer table service the idea of recruiting new employees is scary during these difficult times. Using our systems would allow you to keep your current workforce but enable them to manage more tables and additional areas of the business than they could before.
You will no longer have to worry about forgotten tables in those difficult to see places and clients waiting for someone to walk past before they can be served. Increase revenue from the clients you already have in your business and make sure they always get attention when they require it

How can it help my staff?

Staff members will now know the exact moment one of their tables requires assistance, displaying the table number on the display screens & wrist watches and notifying them. This allows staff to pickup and drop other tasks when they are required by a table.
During busy periods if multiple tables call at the same time they are added to a que to ensure that all tables are dealt with in the correct order. It will also mean all your tables are seen to and no one gets forgotten about.

How do I install it?

It will take approx. 1 hour to setup and install our system.
Once purchased you will receive the kit within 10 Working days, inside is all the required equipment to install the system in your business. Inside is also a step by step guide on how to configure the button table numbers to your own table numbers. We also have You Tube tutorials on how to install, configure and test the systems.


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