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Table Call – How Table Call can help you!

Table call is the easiest and most convenient way to offer table service within your pub, bar, cafe restaurant or anywhere that offers service to customers when they visit. Our system puts your customers in control of the service they receive when they visit you!

Simply install our Call Buttons to your tables that are then linked to your display screen or wrist watches and wait for the notifications from your customers to roll in!

When customers would like service they can easily and conveniently press the

  • “Call” button if they have questions
  • “Order” button when they want to place an order
  • “Bill” button when they would like to pay

This system and setup allows you to prioritise the tables needs before your waiter/waitress has attended them and save your staff essential time that can be used elsewhere within the business.

Save time and make more money!

Offering table service to every table in your business can be a nightmare on busy shifts, even the best and most observant team members will miss/forget about a table at some point when working busy shifts. Table Call removes this issue from your business and gives your teams the tools to monitor all your tables easily and conveniently from the service area or the watch on their wrist.

Jump in at any point to support your team and pickup right where they left off!

When your team needs support jump strait into the action and pickup right where they left off! Check the order screen and see who is in the Que waiting next. Have the ability to know exactly who is waiting to be seen next and prioritise them over customer who have already been seen too.

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